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Todd's Referrer Retirement Plan
sharing links of your favorite topics, people and items here on little biggy is all you need to build a steady and growing passive income. no shit.

and - stay with me here - it's all in crypto and if that goes up like it has (you know as the old world falls apart etc), well then you could be counting these coins on the beach while your peeps are doing all the heavy clicking.
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#10 A Gift For A Friend
Todd's Sure Thangs
#8 Common Ground Is Your Real Estate
A thousand eyeballs from the right audience is worth a million from the peasantry.

There are many communities that play biggy as close as butter did toast. These subreddits and small enthusiast sites welcome what's on offer here, you're doing them a favor and boy are they doing you one.

I have clients that make thousands of dollars each month from surprisingly small sites. Remember each bigga you introduce is your little cash machine for years, every purchase they make earns bitcoin for you.

It doesn't hurt that this is a great place where people like to stick around. Like you they just need to find it.
Hootie and the Blow Job
what do you think of this subreddit?
Todd's Sure Thangs
A very good one,

I would post something interesting you make or just see on the net

1st on your lb page and

then link back to it from the subreddit.

A straight up pitch for lb is rarely the way to go, use specific content that works in your context,

once they are here the place speaks for itself :)
Hi Tod,
Sorry if this dumb questions,
1. Do they have to become a Member?
2. If so must it be at the time of the referral?
3. so say if they come back another day to join through an address that is'nt your referral, would you still get?
4. Is it the same process/pricing for you merchant referrals as purchaser referrals?
5. How much/percentage is a referral for merchant/purchasers worth?
6. What is the payment process?
Many Thanks and namaste for sharing your wisdoms and linguistic flair. :)
Todd's Sure Thangs
1 yes yes yall
2,3 if they first land on the site with your link they can leave and when they come back to their senses your golden
4 that's a q for transaxe, its their program, i know its changed a couple of times
5 1% of the gross
5 you give transaxe a btc address when you register, they send you btc on every sale for 5 years.

now sit up straight and go get em kid
Hootie and the Blow Job
thank you, you are gold todd
if only the world saw this toddler
#4 Make a help kiosk in your language
#7 Killa Scrilla from Analog Guerilla
# 5 Rescue from the Streets
#4 Link To Your Bigg Beautiful Self
#6 The Riches of The World Await
#6 Be a Star
#9 Make A Meme Make A Million
by  Fiddler
Biggaz.... Choice...Nominee..!
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I'll work with you to get real results quickly. You are guaranteed: Better visibility on LB through: - Engaging posts
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