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The next product we bring to you is top-shelf , grown in the United Kingdom.

We have sourced a wonderful batch of grapefruit haze grown here at home. A uplifting high powered by a floral , sweet aroma. Grapefruit Haze is definitely a sativa for the sativa lover.

Pictures provided have been taken by us , feel free to reverse image search and verify. We pride ourselves on bringing the best product to market and that is why this is marked as B+ grade. We plan to introduce a lot more imported bud , edibles and concentrates that are A+.
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7 g Donkey Butter $95.00 BTC0.00334305
7 g Pink Lady $95.00 BTC0.00334305
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14 g Donkey Butter $171.00 BTC0.00601749
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112 g Mix and match up to 4 strains $1,130.00 BTC0.0397647
Sold out! Will be subbed for 33-Z! This may be the best version yet with the perfect consistency! Sticky icky! Back wit
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3.5 G $52.00 BTC0.00182988
FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY WHITE RUNTZ MIXED WITH GUAVA CHEMDAWG More shake and trim content, there is an even amount of
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SOLD OUT Grown by myself Blue sunset sherbet is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Girl
from Franz9/10
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3.5 g $999.00 BTC0.03515481
These pics took no time whatsoever (always a huge plus), one of the most photogenic UK strains we've had since purple da
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1 g $20.00 BTC0.0007038
2 g $36.00 BTC0.00126684
3.5 g $48.00 BTC0.00168912
Bruce Banger is a sativa-dominant hybrid of the Original OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. The strain is one of the most fa
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3.5 g BRUCE BANGER FREE NDD BY 1PM $40.00 BTC0.0014076
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