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Organic Big Kush - Smells super old school, take a dry toke and it sends you back about 10 years! Ever so slightly on the leafier side so maybe not quite as aesthetically pleasing as other strains to some (hence the lower price) but as you can see from the pictures, its no issue atall and doesnt take away from the bud in any way shape or form :) just a couple of very stoned trimmers thats all!

Clean smoke, tastes good, seriously old school - underlying hints of a "candy like sweet Kushy taste" and the oh so dominant spice of the Big Bud both come through in a very pleasent way, tickles your tongue - sugar and spice both working together in pure harmony!

Great high/stone - i can feel the Indica weight from both the OG Kush and the Big Bud again working together in pure harmony, not in a super strong way but in a very nice way and on top of a slight sativa-ry head high, kind of feels like a bit of a battle is going on but the winner is fairly inevitable given her genetics - as spaced out, euphoric and as full of thoughts and creativity as this leaves you, a fantastic sense of relaxation soon takes over.

A great all rounder, makes for a brilliant daytime smoke for myself and is certainly a real blast from the past :) enjoy Biggaz!

Keep smoking the best and stay high!
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Small batch of Organic Big Kush (11/06/21)
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