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Obama Runtz

  • Nose

    If you're familiar with Runtz and its signature smell, just imagine that but multiplied many times over. It's so sweet and doughy, I cannot help myself from popping the jar for a quick wiff. You can really smell both the Gelato and the Zkittlez in this and the synergy is just otherworldly. It leans maybe slightly more towards the gelato side but regardless its wonderful. You can really understand why Runtz and its deriatives have become a household name in the cannabis world. And the Obama Runtz is Runtz but better!

  • Bag Appeal

    So good I *almost* created a new category called "Holy Sh*t" It's completely purple and amber/white; good mature trichs! It genuinely looks like someone has taken an all purple bud and thrown it in sugar. When people say exotics,this is exactly the kind of bud that your mind would conjure. Buds are small to medium sized. Longer than they are bulky or wide. Very little leaf and only necessary stalk. If you or anyone around you likes Runtz you should be buying this furiously!

  • Smoke

    This is a hybrid but personally I think it leans more towards the indica than the sativa. The body stone is strong and has legs; this is quite the euphoric smoke. Similiarly the mind is sedated

    Dairy Queen

  • Nose
    Absolute GAS; enough to singe your nostril hairs! The cheese comes through next with an even more intoxicating aroma. This is rounded off with cherry diesel and cat piss undertones. Very pungent. This is my personal favourite nose on the menu

  • Bag Appeal
    Out of this world! Medium to small buds but absolutely trichome blessed. Not much purp but made up by the fact the trichome coverage makes up most of the colour, making it a beautiful green-gold colour. An apt description for what this is!

  • Smoke
    Intoxicating. One of those sativas that is so strong you'd be forgiven for believing it leans the other way. This is an exotic in every shape and form

    Grape Cream Cake

  • Nose
    Sugary, vanilla, cookie dough. Exactly what you would want from something with Ice Cream Cake as a parent. There is a bit of earthniess which is likely from the Grape pie. The sweetness is both a mix of gelato and grape pie its simply beautiful.

  • Bag Appeal
    Wonderful!The buds almost appear white due to the level of trichome coverage. You can see the structure comes from the Grape side. A full range of sizes from medium to large. Quite dense, it fluffs up great in the grinder. A nice range of purple colours from the deep dark purple all the way to light and bright pink. More orange hairs than Blanka, honestly this is very picturesque weed. I'm a sucker for buds that look like this, I do not believe my photos capture how great they are unfortunately.

  • Smoke
    Very indica! A third of the way through the joint and I already want to set it down and just melt into the sofa. The sweetness and earthiness make for a great taste. Ash is medium grey. I can already tell the stone is impacting my thoughts as I am finding it hard to expand on my views here lol...

    White Runtz
    Runtz x The White

    This is the Cookies cut (Runtz x The White) rather than "White Runtz" which is usually just a phenotype of normal Runtz. Despite my usual preference for "White Runtz" I think (Runtz x the White) might actually be my new avourite of the two now.

  • Nose
    Typical Runtz with a gassy kush undertone. It's not candy sweet like the Pink Runtz or gelato sweet like the Obama Runtz, its more of an understated but definitely sweet Runtz smell. The rustic kush undertones certainly add to it. The White is often bred with other strains and if you've had one of these crosses vs the original you'll know exactly what i mean about the rustic undertones. If you like your kushes and your gelatoes then this is the strain for you. It's very pungent too, might even be more so than the Dairy Queen.

  • Bag Appeal
    Astronomical! Dark purple, small bits of bright pink and most importantly frosty as Iceland . Not quite as deep purple as the Obama Runtz but they are actually quite similiar in appearance. The White Runtz just has more green bits. However this creates a beautiful tapestry effect as the ambers, purples, greens and pinks all blend together. Buds are reasonably dense but not as dense as say the Donkey Butter. Full range of bud sizes from small to large. Honestly an ounce of this looks beautiful in the bag.

  • Smoke
    Perfect 50/50 hybrid. I'm both high and stoned and the effect of both is strong and equal. My body is buzzzing and my mind is lazy. There is definitely an "energy" to the high but I wouldn't describe it as energertic if you want something more up check out the Pink Runtz ( This is more balanced than that. Good legs on the high but at the same time I find it quite moreish, this is the strain I've been smoking the most recently. Ash is grey.
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    by  eybic
    Cat piss?
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    Top vendor
    New batch of Dairy Queen (17th March)
    by  bumlord
    Lovely buds from the Pontiff 👀
    by  BBDoom
    My cheeks are numb
    New addition to the Exotics family; Grape Cream Cake
    Dairy Queen
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    Strain: : Koh Samui Stereotypical thick stems associated with Koh Samui shrooms One of the stronger cubensis strains 1
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    A classic Thai/Lao ganja domesticate from southern Laos/Isaan. This region is the source of some of the finest of each s
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    FRESH BATCH! 14/3/2023 THE BEST BATCH YET STANKY BUDS!! Exodus Cheese is a hybrid cannabis variety. It is often
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    Sold out! Will be subbed for 33-Z! This may be the best version yet with the perfect consistency! Sticky icky! Back wit
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    Bruce Banger is a sativa-dominant hybrid of the Original OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. The strain is one of the most fa
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    Absolute Lebanese Hash Heaven ;) Enjoy Hash in the purest, most traditional form Dry Sift Hashish. Our Coastal Cream is
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    MJ concentrates own branded THC cartridges. INGREDIENTS: DISTILLATE. TERPENES. PLEASE READ: If you purchase the
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    These pics took no time whatsoever (always a huge plus), one of the most photogenic UK strains we've had since purple da
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    Eddys Vapes are made with 97% Delta 9 THC Distillate and 3% Natural derived Terpenes. Made for a 510 thread battery.
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