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Treasure Coast Cubensis
Treasure Coast Cubensis
Treasure Coast Cubensis

Available are some fantastic examples of controlled indoor environment, organically grown Treasure Coast cubensis psychedelic dried Mushrooms.

The Treasure Coast was first collected from the Southern Florida Gulf Coast, found growing in bovine and equine dung and soils which were filled with nutrition.

They are a big favourite on the markets today and I now I know why!

I have found it to be a reliable strain, with great flushes and plenty more expected. It has a moderate potency that's similar to all the dried shrooms I sell, the reason I choose particular strains is viability and strength... this way I can ensure accurate advise and consistency throughout.
The difference's lie in the experiences, environment and the individual which are subtile and perspective.

The trip experience of Treasure Coast magic Mushrooms can vary from person to person. This is true with all shrooms. Records suggest that the Treasure Coast provides a fairly intense entry when the trip comes on, which will then mellow.... feelings of enlightenment and or connection to nature are likely, when I personally took this strain for the first time, I was indoors and couldn't stop staring at my beautiful house plants. The second time camping in the woods was amazing. This strain has a fair body high & a great head buzz perfect for both personal or shared experiences.

How should you take these shrooms?

There are several options when consuming, again depending on preference... here's a basic guide...

For best results take the desired amount and leave it at that decision... taking more will increase the experience but not at the most effective rate possible. Take all the disired dose in one hit as soon as possible...

It's similar to a Rollercoaster ride you have the best thrill from the highest plunge!

Smoothie - Add desired amount to your favourite ingredients and consume ASAP.
Plus - personal taste with possible healthy additives or just ice cream, nutella and pineapple!!!! Neg - Wash out cup for all the active.

Raw - Put desired amount in mouth and chew. If left in your mouth with fresh lemon juice the effects can be felt after 20mins... swallowed it can be 45mins+.
Plus - direct and quick. Neg - tastes shit.

Tea - Boil your favourite Tea up when temp of tea reaches 90°C add shrooms and lid for best results leave for 5mins with added fresh lemon... consume all contents wait 30-45mins.
Plus - Soup like and quick. Neg - don't boil follow guidelines as active ingredients will suffer.

Organic Vegan Caps - these are now available via this link...
Plus - No need to measure, clean, quick and hassel free. Neg - None... Best for heavy Microdosing.

Supplement form available here...
Plus - various health benefits plus potential brain growth for over 25's something previously not thought possible.

After you have consumed your allowance, you’ll need to be patient and allow plenty of time for the effects to kick in. Some will feel the effects after 20mins and if you have had other drugs such as alcohol or weed then it can be a different experience... same story if you are at a festival or busy event. Newbs avoid, as this will add stress to a new thing you are trying to grasp, non healthy.

Lemon juice can speed up the onset of effects as citric acid helps convert psilocybin into its active form (psilocin) quicker.

Whichever way, make sure you allow plenty of time for the effects to kick in.

For a Dosing Guide...

Alternatively you can message me with your height, weight and previous trip experience... this way I can give you an accurate break down from mild to strong and what to expect.

Read before purchase.
All sales are final.
Please make sure you pay in full with fees.
If payment is not paid in full, the delivery will be delayed. If after 3days your order is still partially paid, I will send your order minus the shortfall.

I send all courses free by first class post (unless you pay the extra $15 fee for next day recorded (available Mon-Thurs)). Orders over $300 will be automatically sent recorded delivery. Orders placed after 8am Thursday morning should be expected the following week.

Delivery takes between 2-5 working days, if you have not received after this period please contact and I will seek a tracking number.

then I will not reship especially if you are a new customer.
You agree to these terms and conditions apon purchase.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to your order or questions.
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