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Moroccan 'Sputnik' polm - quality hash
Here we have a good quality Moroccan polm at an unbelievable price. We never skimp when it comes to our menu, and have been waiting patiently for our people in the Rif to come up with a hash worthy of a listing alongside our landrace weed and hash. This surprisingly potent and clean Sputnik quality blonde Moroccan filtered hash fits the bill. This is what we are currently smoking - offered at an unbeatable price point that is sensitive to the current economic climate - this of course comes with the usual MrB4Real guarantees regarding quality and delivery. MrB4Real - the Real Deal.
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KING LOUIS XIII OG 2X0.5ML $47.00 BTC0.0017061
CHERRY RUNTZ 2X0.5ML $47.00 BTC0.0017061
SOUR TANGIE 2X0.5ML $47.00 BTC0.0017061
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WEDDING CAKE 3x0.5ml $70.00 BTC0.002541
GUSHERS 3x0.5ml $70.00 BTC0.002541
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2 g Animal Mints $32.00 BTC0.0011616
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2 g Platinum Rockstar $32.00 BTC0.0011616
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3.5 g Pink Lady $50.00 BTC0.001815
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7 g Platinum Rockstar $95.00 BTC0.0034485
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28 g Pink Lady $320.00 BTC0.011616
28 g Platinum Rockstar $320.00 BTC0.011616
112 g Mix and match up to 4 strains $1,130.00 BTC0.041019
Absolute Lebanese Hash Heaven ;) Enjoy Hash in the purest, most traditional form Dry Sift Hashish. Our Coastal Cream is
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Eddys Vapes are made with 97% Delta 9 THC Distillate and 3% Natural derived Terpenes. Made for a 510 thread battery.
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