Hi MrsNice2020,

Good question and no worries atall! If you take a little look at our first ever post of shake a few days back and read through the description you will see the explanation of exactly what we mean when we refer to our shake as legendary ;) sorry for any confusion and we hope this all helps!

If you were thinking of purchasing some of our Super Lemom Haze Shake - you certainly will not be dissappointed! But if you are a bit dubious because this hasnt been reviewed yet (this was only very recently listed) then please hang on for a day or 2 until some reviews on our Super Lemon Haze Shake roll in so that you can see for yourself and - on the back of these - we're sure this will then give you the confidence to go ahead and make your purchase :)

Thanks again MrsNice2020, have an awesome weed-kend!

Keep smoking the best and stay high!