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Premium Stardawg (FREE SINGED FOR)
Premium Stardawg (FREE SINGED FOR)
Grown by our cook. She only puts top weed in bags so we are lucky to get are hands on them. Use the link to receive a treat
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Our high grade shake. Sorry for the picture better ones to come.
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Slightly lower grade then our last lot but still a good smoke hence the top ups on the orders. Use the share link to ord
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Used for making edibles and can do deals on the OZ. This is a mix of strains. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE LOWEST END OF SHAK
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A good price for elements
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4 1 Elements papers $5.00 BTC0.00014795
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bigg items
UK ORGANIC GROWN - FAT BANANA Fat Banana is an indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through c
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28 G $330.00 BTC0.0097647
The banana like hybrid of two legendry strains; OG Kush of the West Coast and Skunk Haze. This smooth feeling hybrid is
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7 g Quarter $90.00 BTC0.0026631
14 g Half $180.00 BTC0.0053262
28 g Full $360.00 BTC0.0106524
some high quality shake ive been using for my meddibles Not a great amount of stock will update description Hope ever
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28 grams Letter $185.00 BTC0.00547415
Incredible smoke! This is for all our hash connoisseurs!
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Oh, it's a beauty! locally made of thc dominant outdoor crops grown under the generous mediterranean sun, processed in
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5 grams "Desert Beauty" Cream Hash $110.00 BTC0.0032549
10 grams "Desert Beauty" Cream Hash $199.00 BTC0.00588841
20 grams "Desert Beauty" Cream Hash $370.00 BTC0.0109483
B Grade buds that are good for either vaping or making edibles etc. Putting it in a joint with it being dry was slightly
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14 G B GRADE FOR VAPING/EDIBLES $105.00 BTC0.00310695
28 g B GRADE FOR VAPING/EDIBLES $200.00 BTC0.005918
Prepare for a sweet and sour experience like none other with Electric Lemonade, a strain that is so delicious you’ll hav
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7 GRAMS $75.00 BTC0.00221925
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28 GRAMS $260.00 BTC0.0076934
UK HYDRO Ice Cream Cake is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato #33. This strain offers
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1 G Flower $22.00 BTC0.00065098
3.5 G Flower $65.00 BTC0.00192335
7 G Flower $120.00 BTC0.0035508
14 G Flower $235.00 BTC0.00695365
28 G Flower $455.00 BTC0.01346345
OG Kush infused with lemonade extract then blasted with lemon kief. All around lemon goodness! IMPORTANT: We provide F
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4 g $135.00 BTC0.00399465
Beautiful high quality dry sift hash, Imported from spain. golden brown in color. a bit firm in room temp but quickly be
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5 grams Spanish "El-Torro" Hash $75.00 BTC0.00221925
10 grams Spanish "El-Torro" Hash $135.00 BTC0.00399465
20 grams Spanish "El-Torro" Hash $260.00 BTC0.0076934
Oilman mix - I've been making oil mixes of varying varietys lately (experimenting) as to be able to mix the different qu
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1 Ml 1ml $60.00 BTC0.0017754
Blended by our master Alchemist with our popular spacewalker OG and OG Kush IMPORTANT: We provide FREE 1st Class to UK
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