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Whole Melt Dispensary Live Resin
Lemon Cherry Gelato
Grape Gelato
Strawberry Gelato
Gelato 41(Sold Out)
Bubblegum Gelato
Gelato Mintz
Sour Mango(Sold Out)
Agent Orange
Lemon Skittles (Sold Out)
Hawaiian Runtz
Acapulco Gold
Giraffe Puzzy (1G)
Rainbow Sherbet Badder(Sold Out)

Gelato & Tropical Boxes

Whole Melt Dispensary Live Resin from California. Strains below. No Added Terps/crc

This can be crushed very easily & quickly to form a badder but is easy to handle. Or crushed against the jar to the dabber for easy dabbing

Specify strains in order notes / messages.
Live Resin is made from frozen plants for extraction, increasing & preserving terpenes making your high better than a standard concentrate.

Put your desired strain(s) in the order notes or random will be given. More is available, message us with your budget or ask for us for a price!

Sold Out will return within weeks

Loyalty Card is only if you have bought from us before. This is free shipping. $130 minimum for holders, $250 minimum for first time patients. If your order doesnโ€™t meet requirements it will be cancelled automatically.

These will return with 16 Strains if thereโ€™s enough demand. Licensed Lab material is always enroute
Any issues please message us.
To qualify for same day dispatch to receive the next day, order must be paid or proof of transaction by 12:30
Loyalty Card is only if you have bought from us before. This is free shipping. $130 minimum for holders, $250 minimum for first time patients. No Reship/refund if returned to sender.
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Throw a fruit in a banger!!
Updated! Fruity Dabs from across the pond!!!๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ’๐Ÿง
Fruity & Tropical Live Resin from Downtown LA! 13 Strains!!
Imported Fruity Live Resin! & FECO Test Results (RSO Alternative)
Fruity & Tropical US Dispensary Live Resin! No fake terps!๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ‹
Tropical & Sweet Citrus Live Resin & Safer alternative to RSO!!
More on the way! Price reduction extended
LA Dispensary Live Resin - Feature Prices! Grab a deal while you can!
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Premium Delta 9 Distillate 95%+ THC blended with Premium terpenes. Distillate and terpenes are from reputable suppliers
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GUSHERS 1x0.5ml $26.00 BTC0.00094354
WEDDING CAKE 1x0.5ml $26.00 BTC0.00094354
LEMON CHERRY GELATO 1x0.5ml $26.00 BTC0.00094354
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LONDON POUND CAKE#75 2x0.5ml $47.00 BTC0.00170563
SFV OG 2x0.5ml $47.00 BTC0.00170563
JETLATO 2X.0.5ml $47.00 BTC0.00170563
KING LOUIS XIII OG 2X0.5ML $47.00 BTC0.00170563
CHERRY RUNTZ 2X0.5ML $47.00 BTC0.00170563
SOUR TANGIE 2X0.5ML $47.00 BTC0.00170563
PEACH DREAM 2X0.5ML $47.00 BTC0.00170563
WATERMELON ZKITTLES 3x0.5ml $63.00 BTC0.00228627
WEDDING CAKE 3x0.5ml $70.00 BTC0.0025403
GUSHERS 3x0.5ml $70.00 BTC0.0025403
LEMON CHERRY GELATO 3x0.5ml $70.00 BTC0.0025403
MELONATTA 3x0.5ml $70.00 BTC0.0025403
STRAWPICANA 3x0.5ml $70.00 BTC0.0025403
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KING LOUIS XIII OG 3X0.5ML $70.00 BTC0.0025403
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To find the description of a particular strain press "ctrl+f"/"โŒ˜+f" This portmaneau is for the sele
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2 g Animal Mints $32.00 BTC0.00116128
2 g Pink Lady $32.00 BTC0.00116128
2 g Platinum Rockstar $32.00 BTC0.00116128
3.5 g Animal Mints $50.00 BTC0.0018145
3.5 g Pink Lady $50.00 BTC0.0018145
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7 g Pink Lady $95.00 BTC0.00344755
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28 g Animal Mints $320.00 BTC0.0116128
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112 g Mix and match up to 4 strains $1,130.00 BTC0.0410077
Absolute Lebanese Hash Heaven ;) Enjoy Hash in the purest, most traditional form Dry Sift Hashish. Our Coastal Cream is
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Eddys Vapes are made with 97% Delta 9 THC Distillate and 3% Natural derived Terpenes. Made for a 510 thread battery.
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