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MJ's Super Sour Diesel + iMini + Recommend a cart! :)
Hi biggas :) As always hope you're all doing well and staying high. This was my first time using vape carts so thought I'd post up a pic and a quick topic about my experience so far!

Fist thing, I ordered this in the very early hours of Monday and it arrived on Tuesday morning! Amazing.

The iMini is an impressive little thing, as I said I'm new to vaping but I love how small and discreet it is. So simple to use, no fuss and looks kinda cool I think but who cares about that what matters is it gets you high! I didn't find toking on this to be harsh, it was quite tickly on the exhale though! This little vape/mod/battery whatever it is is absolutely perfect for out and about.

Ok so now the Super Sour Diesel. The liquid is obviously very, very, thick and is very clear with a light golden hue. The smell is strong, fresh and pleasent (even before you hit it!) and the taste is really strong too - not quite the same as the bud but very reminiscent and much more flavoursome. If you like flavours you'll enjoy this!

The high from the SSD is absolutely perfect for during the day and getting things done! Very focused, alert high - almost wired but uplifting too. I'll be honest, after reading the reviews, it didn't hit me quite as hard as I thought it might but it's a slightly different kind of high and one I'm sure I'll get accustomed too. Although it didn't knock my socks off but did give a nice buzz that lasted a LONG time, lingers around the eyes for ages and I do mean ages :P Don't get me wrong though it is strong ofcourse and absolutely perfect daytime smoke or for when you're out and about (so goes well with the imini!). For me a few tokes of this is like hitting the bong, except you don't need the bong! :D

I'm using this alongside my bud and smoked about half as much bud whilst smoking almost half the cart on the first day - I think I could get 3-4 days in total out of the cart alongside my bud. A heavier strain might last longer though as the SSD just keeps inviting you back for more lol! So with that in mind I'm thinking about my next cart....

So a question for those of you who've been using these for a while! Do the different strains still have their own highs? Would something heavier and more indica leaning give the heavier effects or are they all similar highs with different flavours? The SSD was exactly what I expected (and needed!) with the uplifting head high and if it's possible to get a heavy sleepier high too then as a combo you'd have everything covered. So that's going to be my next test :)

All in all great service from MJ, clearly a quality product and being able to grab the vape along with a cart was really helpful for getting started. I 100% recommend trying these carts if you haven't already.

Feel free to recommend your favourite cart! :)

Oh and before I forget the free lump of Chocolate was also VERY nice and very appreciated! Thank you MJ! You can't go wrong with this seller, get involved!

Happy toking biggas!