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RB's Gelato Dawg Review
Good Morning Biggaz!

The much anticipated delivery of Gelato Dawg has landed! :D There was a lot of concern regarding RB and deliveries (totally justified worries!!!) And I would just like to confirm for those waiting, I placed My order on the 11th and it arrived Saturday 18th. This is not normal for RB in My experience, and I will go on to expalin why I think there has been delays, when talking about the stealth. However, if you are still waiting on RB mail...I hope this gives you some faith that its coming. (Or RB has responded to you at the very least!)

So! The package arrived in its normal outer stealth. Not going to describe...but repeat RB customers will know what I mean. To my surprise, inside that was another of the same packaging...Then THREE Mylar bags. Needless to say, I suspect there has been some compromise on security with RB. They seem to have gone to extra lengths here to make this parcel discreet. So I would lean towards thinking that this compromise has lead to delays. Hopefully, all is sorted now. My package arrived...and I see others are now receiving theirs, so I guess the ball is rolling again?? Time will tell!

Right then, the juicy bits ;)

Gelato Dawg -

Once I had battled My way through the most rewarding game of solo pass the parcel ever, I broke into the inner core and saw some pretty large, but rather dry looking nugs! On appearance, I wasnt too sure I had received the strain id paid for...and im still not 100% convinced...but I will go on to talk about that in a moment. The smell of this strain is deep, fruity and a little earthy. Floral, Piney tones with a whisp of berry. Quite nice. A little muted but I find that can often be the case with these hybrids. A definite reminder of My time in spain, smoking their version of Gelato 33. But perhaps no presence of "Dawg" anywhere to be seen or smelled! Hence My suspicion that this may not be "Gelato Dawg" as described. We all know that Chem Daddy dominates....hmmm. I stand to be corrected, but I am particularly familiar with both of these strains, separately. Nevertheless!....

The taste is incredible! Exactly what I expect of Gelato 33! Spot on! A little disappointed im not getting that Dawgy Dawg double up...but hey ho! This is tickling all of My fancies! The flavour is very floral. Perfumey, but in a good way. Very flavoursome! Those berry notes are particularly fruity on the exhale. The smoke is very clean too. Very well cured. Would have loved a little more moisture, but its okay! I just will avoid the vape for this one!

The buds are hard, dense and very crispy dry. A little like cali weed. But the dryness is again, something that suggests maybe a lack of Dawg. I can't see Gelato 33 being the Dominant character to this hybrid...but again, I don't know it all...I'm just going off My own experience and knowledge. The size of the buds is to be noted, also! They are so big! Not squashed, prefectly preserved and a fine example of Gelato 33! Tightly packed and littered with curly orange hairs! Mmmpf! Haha. Not much in the way of crystal (again...not Dawg-like) and a little stalk is present. I think they have made up for that by sending .3 over though.

The high is as euphoric as you would like! Floaty, happy and generally pleasant. But don't be fooled! Even if you can't agree with My accute tastes, you will be bowled over by this powerhouse! Something I already knew and was excited to re-experience with #33!! This strain has literally had me seeing things in the past!! (And making an utter fool of myself haha) so I can assure you, there will be zero disappointment for both novices and long term tokers! I judge a weeds strength on how quick i smoke 3 joints. 3 in a row - not upto much. 2 - yeah were good. 1 with pauses...wow! And this is one with pauses!! Onto number 3 now and becoming painfully aware that this review is getting lengthy XD

Overall -

I really like this one. And I have a feeling you will too! I hope RB are back on their normal game now, and I hope My review has reassured you, somewhat.

Gelato Dawg (or possibly just #33)

Bud Size/Quality - 9/10 (crystals??)
Taste/Smell 9/10 - (Taste 10 - Smell 8)
High - 11/10 :D
Stealth/Delivery - 8/10 (stealth 10 - Delivery 7)
Overall - 9/10

I am very happy with My purchase, to spite delays. I feel reassured with the new levels of stealth and in all fairness, I only waited a week, but I know others have been waiting longer. I wish RB would be more attentive with their customers messages. It would save so much stress and the snowball effect that happens SO fast on the threads here. Definitely room for improvement there RB! But all round, you have always provided good quality weed at the best prices. I believe you are safe when trusting your money with RB and you will get a great product. This one in particular!

Would Recommend!! A ++ for sure!!
(Not sure about the 3rd + haha)

I hope you have enjoyed My review and I hope it helps you with your future purchases, here on LB!

Have a wonderful Saturday, Biggaz!

Bigg Love <3