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Firstly, in my opinion, you shouldn't even be on the internet without a VPN (virtual private network). These are very easy to use and can be set to auto connect. A paid subscription is worth every penny to keep you secure and connected. A VPN will route your traffic to a server in another country or other side of the same country or anywhere. In doing so all trackers, cookies, everything will always look like you are somewhere else. Also the network tunnel is encrypted so even your broadband provider won't know what you are up to. Yes, they record your logs.

I use Nord VPN as they refuse to share logs, have a lot of cool features and it's really easy to use. A paid subscription is $125 when bought at 3 years, it's worth every penny and can connect 5 devices or be installed at router level (router dependent) so your home network can be tunneled elsewhere and appear to be connected in say London when you are in Liverpool.

If you want to save on the pennies there are free options, Opera browser now has a vpn included. Here is a guide on more free ones to save me typing. But be warned free vpns are known to sell out users data so they may not be entirely secure. Tunnelbear is a real easy to use one for those new to vpns.

Quick note, best to keep it UK if you're in UK or else shopping websites will be a pain and websites might load in different languages. If you're really wanting to be secure connect to Amsterdam. Dutch servers won't give anything up.