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2nd up. TOR. If you don't know already, get to know. TOR will keep all your traffic hidden provided once connected. Unfortunately your ISP (internet service provider) will know you are connected to TOR but not know what you are doing on there. They may alert the police that your household is connected, this has happened in my area where police have called to houses knowing they have connected, they can clearly go fuck with their fishing, to me that just lets me know they are clueless and have to send people knocking on doors looking for clues in peoples reactions.

Now, don't let that scare you off. Because if you use chrome or your phone for these sites then all your shit is being recorded. I'll get onto everyday browsers next.

If you use TOR over a VPN then your ISP will not detect it. This is an added level of security however, please keep in mind that your exit node from TOR can potentially be tracked whilst using a VPN. It's actually suggested to not use a VPN anymore when using TOR because of this but if your ISP is a wanker you've got to figure out the less of two evils here. Nord VPN actually has a TOR 'onion' capability as well as double tunnels which is a VPN in a VPN (Bruhhh).

PS I don't get money or anything from them to type this shit, I just think they are the tits IMO. Would always love to hear more from others.