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Sack off Chrome. Sack off your phone.

Chrome's tracking your shit even when it's not open. As is Facebook, even when its not logged in. As is L inkedin. As is A mazon. W hatsapp. I nsta. Bun the lot of those Babylonion devices of captivity.

I don't care what you say, don't buy drugs off your phone. Listen we've all done it but i'm being 100% mr safety secure here for this guide.

If you aren't willing or don't care enough (it is unlikely you'd be the unlucky one to get nabbed but it happens big man, these are the games that we play for that sticky icky.) Then go for Firefox.

By default it's very secure these days. You can change the security setting to be even safer. It auto stops trackers, wipes cookies, history easy to setup.

Ok cool you've got a safer browser but then your dumbass goes and does a google search and gets asked to sign in. Boom, back to square one.

DUCKDUCKGO ARE OUR HEROS- Install the firefox plugin now. All your searches from here will now be safe. Make sure it is set as your default search, remove google and all those other information stealing bastards.

I REPEAT DUCKDUCKGO for everything. Tired of getting force fed adverts on a something you googled. example, quickly googled where to find cake. Now i'm having cake shoved down my throat on all social media, amazon, wherever there is adverts. They wait a couple of days but those sneaky bastards will hit you with targeted ads.

Speaking of targeted ads and phones. Your phone is listening and recording you even when you are not using it. You have agreed to this many updates ago. android iphone, they are both marketing your speech and feeding it to you. Hell they are evening using your speech to decide what to show you on facebook, social engineering. Congrats you're a fucking guinea pig like all of us who can't live without this device, at least you're somewhat awake now.

Where was I. If you're going to call up people and talk greaze at least use code or say little. If you are going to all stand in a room and boast about supplies, take your phones out of the room. In fact anything with a mic. PCs, tvs shit even fridges these days. Amazon echos, the wee snitches.

Quick tip. Don't use your webcam? Tape it. Tape your mic. Always watching, always listening, even when they appear off.

I'd rather be overly paranoid than have all my data held against me when the piggys come in unannounced.