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It's not worth cause of the product but because of risks and import expenses. If it's not worth then it wouldn't be around for these prices. Just because u think haircut should be £1 don't mean it should be. They best lights chemicals and don't use pesticide they use natural ways to control that. And the taste is different if u would smoke uk grown and cali grown. There are some uk amazing quality but still not as good as vendors in cali doing legally and best way while here people wanna do quicker. And everyonr almost out on littlebiggy premium bud lmfao they must of never smoked cali. And yh is expensive but you can always buy and ounce and the. Is loke 250-400 quid depending on strain or just get someone that will send ffom cali and the. Even cheaper thd bigger ammount u get. But saying is not worth it is just opinion not market and real life cause that's the prices it goes for. Cali weed is best and each individual bud is tested and inspected to perfection and if it's not the. Its not dispensary grade just import of some cali grower.. the thing is people sell high prices even from amatuer cali growers this price should be only be valid for dispensary grade cali but people lie and sell cheaper quality as tin quality. Im not sure about hootan will need to see in future how legit his cali and sources are but gods connect i tried and does genuine cali but jow vocation but this looks appealing for the price maybe a lil old but if been sealed good then i see no problem
from  ConanVsCrom