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RB's StarDawg A+ Review
Good Morning Biggaz!

I'm back with another review for you this morning :)
A few days back, I received My latest stock, of StarDawg from RB.

The stealth of the packages with RB seems to be under tests at the moment, every parcel I have had from them, in the last month, has been wrapped differently. This time, A brown envelope arrived, with another inside, then the mylar bag. I can't decide if stealth is improving or not ... Either way, It got to me, within 5 days of ordering. Which is a pretty normal time frame for RB.

Once I had opened the package, and peered inside, I could see I have been sent a batch of medium to large sized nugs, all sticky and glistening with crytsals. Covered in hairs but with a little sugar leaf still present. Normal for SD.

The smell upon opening was very earthy and dank. Just as I would expect from StarDawg :) Ever so slight sweet, diesel scent, with hashy notes to it, too! Quite pungent, too!

The smoke is smooth and pleasant. Again, those earthy dank diesely tastes are all present in the taste! It tastes pretty much as it smells :) delicious! The high, I find to be extremely relaxing and pretty potent. I tend to find the effects of StarDawg come on quite quickly, but arent too debilitating! Definitely strong enough to appease even seasoned stoners, but not too heavy headed, or body stoned for part-time puffers, either! A lovely, well bodied, all round good herb! One of my go-to for consistency in quality! This is no exception. It's not the best of the best StarDawg I've ever had, but its bloody lovely, all the same :)

The price paid for the weight received, was very good value! Radar Breeder are always great on price and My deals have always been over weight! This time, I received 7.4g for $82! Cant fault that! :)

Radar Breeder was the 1st vendor I ever used on LB, and is still one of the best IMO! The only thing that holds him back from being the best vendor on here, is his slow communications and the fact he doesnt get new stuff in, that often. But when he does, I've never been disappointed! Always good quality!

Overall -
Bud Quality/Size - 10/10 (Over Weight + Sticky)
Taste/Smell - 10/10 (I love Dawg)
High - 9/10
Stealth/Delivery - 8/10

Total rating - 9/10

I would reccomend Radar Breeder as a Vendor, to anyone who wants good weed at a good price! And I would reccomend his StarDawg as a clean and potent smoke, for all! Your money is safe with RB!

I hope you enjoyed my review this morning, Biggaz! I know StarDawg is seen to many (including me) as street weed in the UK...but, if you want something consistent and decent, without risk of it being a disappointment, this is your bag! :) I hope I have been able to help you with your choices and future purchases on LB :)

Happy 420! <3