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First month on Little Biggy (vendor and purchase review )
First of all I like to say I was and still am very sceptical of buying online but LB has proved to be an absolute gem , yes there are some issues with vendors not showing up on items page but once you put a bit of time in and look at all the reviews of vendors , browse through the topics page to see vendors you may not come across, you’ll find the right vendors and products, since most of the community have been great and very helpful I thought I give back a bit and write a Little list about my experiences with vendors .
It’s Worth saying for a broader range of vendors and more detailed info about he products they have to offer have a look at Vikosh79 list called Eu/Uk vendors , it was a great help for me at the start.

British BullDog
I’ve had few 10/10 purchases with vendors on this site but If so then BB should get 11 out of 10. An absolute gem to find and trust me it was hard as he never showed up on the wall, He doesn’t normally deal with newbies but once you’ve put on a few orders in with other vendors and gained bit of trust on the site, he’s the vendor to check out. When you get your hands on his products you can see how passionate about his green he is and what work he puts in , it’s the stuff that he would want to smoke himself , the stealth was the best I’ve had on the site and not gonna say why but it makes you smile

First Purchase on the site , it was a great shake\dust for a very good price , almost two Gs over and about half of it was actually popcorn buds . Good smoke and you can see the difference between the strains, Comms is very fast even though that he can be busy at times but you will definitely get a reply . Would have liked to get another shake but the price had gone up a bit but JJ told me it was quite buddy and not much of a shake hence the change in price .

Northern Organics
New Vendor but very fast building reputation for great services, Good prices for the edibles and very easy to reach and great comms, The toffees had a medium kick to them which has gone up higher now on the new batch of the cheesecake one ( I had Gorilla Glue) . I have to mention and give props to Northern organics for dealing with an issue with the order very quick and smoothly , excellent comms and also used a (nice)pair of tits to advertise the new batch which is a great marketing ploy

I had seen Rocket Fuel being mentioned few times on his reviews and I understood why after big spoon of the canna butter first thing in the morning when I got the package , It hasn’t hit me as hard again as I’ve been eating less of it and later during the days when I’ve eaten but defo doing another big spoon in the morning on a day that I can afford to be glued to sofa for few hours. some dealers will automatically message you after your purchase but it didn’t happen with UKG but don’t panic your Order has gone through and he will send you out your stuff , it may take a day or two for it to be dispatched but it’s understandable as he works days and he has to make it the night before as it’s dairy product which was nice touch having something made the night before

MJ Concentrates
Buying from MJ is like buying from Amazon prime , very professional and efficient , you will 99% of the times end up with your buy within a day or two . I got the chocolate bars , the taste and smell are spot on one can be described as very chocolatey and weedy at the same time (Paul Hollywood watch out) , taking couple of squares you do feel it but could be adventurous and take one whole and feel the full effect

As new as it gets but he hasn’t been nothing but helpful and easy to reach for any questions that I’ve had , he’s doing very well to build a rapport and has given a few Mushroom liquid Cultures away for only the postage fee , I love psychedelics and it was about time I got something like that off here , Found out it’s not for consumption but actually for growing which has meant looking online for hours to learn how to as I don’t want to go to waste but the biggest help has been magic himself as I have got a lot of essential info of him and can run any questions about the process by him , excellent comms and great dealing with any issues , worth saying my item has been posted today so I shall make an update once I receive my package .

This Vendor I haven’t got anything from yet but was the first guy I messaged on here when I had no clue about the site and he was very helpful with information about the site and strains he has , he does this bundles of different strains which is a very good idea for people wanting to have different highs for different times

I’ll try to come back to add and update this list regularly but yeah this is just my personal experience as a newbie in the past few weeks with these vendors, I have to say there are certain vendor that seem a bit dodgy whether it’s getting squished stuff , non existent comms or getting average stuff and being told it’s 10/10 , not going to name names but do have a look at as many reviews As you can and then make the best decision. There is also the money issue too, if you are middle of nowhere and no dealers around certain prices will make more sense to you but I get stuff cheepish locally so not gonna really pay more than a certain amount on different products but also don’t fall for cheapish stuff of vendors with mostly negative reviews
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