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Beware of Radar Breeder
First of all I hope everyone is safe and healthy

So when ordering first time we are noobs and not sure of what's what we are just excited to have a great selection from LB. Now that I've dealt with numerous sellers and understanding the ins and outs I have to speak out about why I won't be dealing with RB again.

First time ordered from RB it was fine grade B and smokable with taste. So ordered again thinking same batch but no was sent out some hay smelling weed which had a chemical taste pure black Ash and made me puke up which I did speak up about at the time. Got sent 50% reship as to RB policy so lost out on 50% money.

Second order that fished up RB marked order as sent straight away as I just paid it. Supposedly got "lost" in post so was sent out 50% Re ship as to RB policy which I'm 99% sure was not sent.

Third order that fished up ordered grade A+ think it was purple punch at that time was ages ago. Was sent again hay smelling weed with chemical taste. Pure black Ash. Again 50% reship and lost out.

Fourth and final order I didn't order from RB for a very long time I gave up on losing money and being sent harmful weed. But due to reviews by everyone and the massive price increase on LB I had to try again (so dumb) and go for the stardawg grade A+ 7g. Received NDD but again sent hay smelling buds and will you guess it chemical taste black Ash. Went to complain to RB as I was fed up and noticed they weren't selling anything while Re stocking. Can understand due to escrow etc they got affected but no replies to messages. Then I noticed they put amnesia A+ and super silver haze A+ back up on selling page so messaged RB to send SSH instead if out of stock. RB agreed and sent NDD but again hay smelling weed slight chemical taste no. I'm not harming my body with that sh*t. Messaged RB all this time they are not replying for dayz. Original order was made 4th August.
Again messaged RB and finally when they do reply they say will Re send out 3.5g of the disco biscuit as I requested it again. Still nothing sent waited 3 extra days. Today was the last day.

Now bare in mind the initial orders were made when I was a newbie I was not aware on how to dispute escrow etc and was always scared of posting on sellers wall as I saw alot of negative feedbacks. But enough is enough!

There are others who have had same issues, as we have spoke about it before via private message.

I have disputed this matter about the last sale to Escrow let's see what happens.
I will only buy from MJ, Green team, DI, Hootan
Any other trusted sellers who never let you down let me know

Stay safe Biggas!