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Ok can deffo help here man....

Firstly portable or home only use?
Electric/battery or butane/flame
Do you want to replicate a spliff or a bong? So session or on demand, one hitter?

To your questions...

Any weed, dry, moist all does the job, slightly on the dryer side is preferable imo.

Yes it gets you high.... it is a different high though, less body more cerebral and clear imo.

Yeah it still smells but diff vaporisers give off doffernt smells, some still very much smell of weed some not so much so if stealth is important then take that into consideration.

Weed usage is an odd one, generally deffo a lot less but I do find myself having far more sessions with my vapes now than when I used to smoke joints, I’d say I use the same amount of weed a day but I’m stoned for a larger proportion of the day if that makes sense.

I’ve got 2 of the best vapes available right now in my view, the Mighty is a beast session vape that’s almost been able to replace joints for me and a Flowerpot desktop that just gets you fucking ripped off so little material, just my view on making the journey is pay up from day one cos you’ll end up in the end anyways... cheap vapes are shit, they’ll put you off and class all vapes as shit, exactly what I did till I got my flowerpot then I realised that combustion is actually shit. Get the best you can from day one and enjoy man.