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I bought the Arizer Solo 2... dry herb vape... the initial price is expensive but so fucking worth it man. I use way less weed (the cylinder holds 0.2) and I just take hits over a 45 minute time period and I get so so stoned. Stronger than a j, and also I feel much healthier. I also feel less sticky in the morning, for me tobacco fucks up my chemistry and I have had bad asthma as a kid, and the vape really helps.
Pros of the arizer solo 2:
Better quality high.
Long battery life.
Can use while being charged.
Wide selection of temperatures.
Use much less weed.
Tastier Green.
High is more active and less paro, I can go out and do things, after a joint im a couch potato and cant look strangers in the eye. I can also read/watch more educational stuff after the vape.
Smoke on the go, I can smoke while out and about, or sitting in my living room (I recently moved house and now in a busier location, so can smoke during the day and avoid nosey/backwards neighbours).
After a few months of hitting it, there is thc oil build up, you can make tea/hot chocolate and you'll be stoned for 8 hours. If you want the link to the recipe let me know.

It only works fresh, like I find after a session, if I pick it up the next day and smoke, its not as good as when fresh, so it's really only good for like 1/2 days.
Its for solo smoking... so with mates ul probably go back to a joint when socially smoking.
Hard to get used to at first, I was a heavy joint smoker, and I had to fiddle with the temperature a lot before I got used to it.
Picking a joint up after the vape really fucks with your brain/lung chemistry.

Thats my 2 cents anyway. I barely smoke js now and 7gs lasts me like 1.5/2 months when before it was max a month.