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Should I be worried?
I made an order a couple of weeks ago for some shake that very clearly said 'only 3 items available.'

It still hadn't arrived after a week, so I checked the item page and saw that two others had given the item good reviews, so I dropped the vendor a message to keep him in the loop, but was happy to wait another week.

Another week went by and I checked the item page again. It has now received 3 reviews to say the item arrived within a couple of days. Mine still hasn't and if they only had 3 for sale and 3 have received it... It seems dodgy.

Anyway I messaged the seller again and raised this point. He responded but didn't explain why the item now had three reviews. He just said it had been posted 1st class a couple of weeks ago and to let him know how I get on.

I don't want to be a dick and leave a 0 review in case there's been a mix up, but it seems suspect.