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A couple of years ago I decided to visit my home country and see my family and old friends. This country also happens to be an extremely corrupt dictatorship where weed and drugs in general are illegal and heavily frowned upon.

I met up with my buddies, a few days after i landed, and we decided to smoke some good old third world herb at our go to childhood smoke spot- a quiet and secluded culdesac. It was shaping out to be the perfect day as we reminisced on days of old.

Suddenly, out of nowhere this old school Mazda 323 pulls into the culdesac, blocking us in. Two men exit the vehicle and walk aggressively toward us. They are dressed in semi-formal clothing and, although not especially physically intimidating, walked with that air of authority only law enforcement can muster. At this pointing we were all shitting ourselves, as the cops in my home country are infamously harsh, violent, and, most of all, corrupt.

The men identified themselves as “detectives” and flashed a firearm. One of the men walked up to my friend, slapped the joint out his hand and started berating us. I was fully convinced that I was going to be imprisoned or worse!

However, after I got a hold of myself, it quickly became evident that the aggression was all for show and merely an intimidation tactic. I walked upt to the guy and handed him $20USD whilst he was mid rant, he promptly took the money, wished us well, drove off with his partner and didn’t even take the weed.