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26yrs ago, 1994 summer I was spending my sweet summer in Arizona with my aunts family and her kids (cousin brothers)

Being only 19 we spent our times smoking, drinking and chilling by the lake as I absolutely loved the scenery especially being from the UK.

One night we spent doing as we do with the locals who just finished semester and everyone was enjoying the vibe, once the party died down and everyone started to leave the lake only 4 of us continued, myself, my cousin Tony, his school friend Brian and his GF Amanda. We partied till around 12-1am then things died down and we just sat and exchanged stories of how schools and parties differ in the UK as they were really infatuated

Lo and behold as we are about to leave we can see a huge fire like smoke coming from the other end of the lake, being curious and not on anyone’s watch we decided to investigate. As we approached with caution we saw people wearing white and military like uniform with badges and stars. Within a short time we realised we were actually witnessing a Masonic Ritual, but little did we know this wasn’t any ritual it was a high priest ritual someone who is a 33rd degree mason.

We stayed hidden for around 1hr and witnessed the most surreal stuff from chanting, to spitting water and bowing.

I’ve seen paranormal activity (yes I fucking believe it, I’ve seen plenty!) but this was a different scary this made every hair on your body stand. At the time I had a disposable camera and thought I’d make memories, I was so so fortunate to have this on me and even managed to take some pictures without raising suspicion.

I have since then spoke to many friends and family members who have advised against putting these online as I don’t want to upset the wrong people. I keep it plainly for my memories of my visit and my wicked time. One thing I will say is that 1hr I witness what I saw was completely out of this planet, eerie, surreal and damn right scary, I definitely wouldn’t stick around if I faced the same scenario again

Stay blessed
Mr X