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Introducing....levels to the game by B.C.A
whats up buddys? B.C.A is here to get that Friday feeling flowing through your head :D

this is a big one buds, new strains, new products, new listing types - we kept you waiting for a reason ;)

Today we introduce a new concept. Levels. No bullshit AAA+++ on every strain from us, there are levels to this game ;)

*B.C.A Flower Levels*

we know theres been a lot of love from our customers who have received flowers from us but we have a confession to make. we held back on a lot of the real top top shelf strains so we could prove ourselves to you with crazy prices. thats not going away, just improving ;)

B.C.A Gold Standard Level - $200 per 28g
The Gold Standard is our standard listing. always great strains, always buds. Make no mistake, we call it Gold Standard for a reason but sometimes we get some strains that are just special, better than Gold you could say....

B.C.A Platinimum Level $240 per 28g
A step up from the Gold. Platinum level strains are all BIG buds, the kind you will send photos of to your buddys and might not want to take apart.
You might see a couple of familiar names from our first listing here cause we wanted to give you guys an idea of what is possible.

B.C.A Diamond Level $350 per 28g
The name kind of makes sense but the truth is, these strains are rarer than diamonds. These won't appear often and won't stay around for long either, extremely limited supplies always. We don't think you've ever seen buds like these before :)

Hope that makes sense cos we've got strains for all levels dropping for you guys TOMORROW AT 6PM :D


B.C.A Gold Standard Level - $200 per 28g:

Meat The Cookies
Tasty Kush

B.C.A Platinimum Level $240 per 28g:

Blue Dream
Darth Vader OG
Duke Nuken

B.C.A Diamond Level $350 per 28g:

Bubba Kush



We heard the cries for smaller volumes and we've answered in our own B.C.A way :) From saturday, we are offering hand packed preroll joints and Palm Leaf blunts. Joints will have 0.75g packed and blunts will have 1.75-2g. They ship in tubes labelled with the strain. Have to put a minimum order on them but why would you not want a few anyway? This will be a lottery style listing, we'll send a few strains ;)


10 pre rolls (7.5g) - $70
5 Palm Leaf blunts (8.75-10g) - $80


*Crash Labs Shatter*

You may have seen us post about this already but we are proud to be the only place in Europe to offer premium Crash Labs medical grade products. We're dropping a shatter deal that will break this site into hundreds of tiny pieces :) This will also be a lottery style listing but as always, everything bangs, including the price :)


1g of Crash Labs Shatter - $40


*Crashables Edibles*

Oh, you thought we were done? Nope we're bringing the best edibles Canada has to offer to your door as well :) another lottery listing
but 100% guarantee of zero duds. Forget your previous edibles, go easy on these :)


Crashables 100mg pack - $20
Crashables 250mg pack - $40
Crashables 500mg pack - $60



ok, strictly speaking not new but we took down the cart listing and will update it to be for a full rechargable refillable pen including battery :) prices have changed slightly to reflect this extra value :)


1 x 0.5mg Golf Leaf Vape Pen - $55
2 x 0.5mg Golf Leaf Vape Pen - $100
5 x 0.5mg Golf Leaf Vape Pen - $190


Is that enough for you buddys? :D As always, bulk orders available via DM.

If you've made it this far and your thinking 'this sounds great but when is my outstanding order going to ship ffs?' we hear you. we expect to have 90% of outstanding orders shipped today. The rest will go on Monday. We cannot guarantee anything ordered over the weekend will ship Monday. But we sure will
try :D

Happy shopping buddys :D