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Pineapple Express Review!
Good Morning, Biggaz!

What a treat! What a treat! I have managed to get My hands on some of UK Conncets 'Pineapple Express' !!

First things first....as always, the delivery! Perfection. That's all I can say! Double wrapped in smell proof baggies, then inside a jiffy. Better stealth can be found, but it certainly does the job. I am very used to getting my deliveries, and usually have an idea when its in my hand. But i wasnt even sure this was one of my packages! They had me fooled...almost ;) haha. Delivery time was FAST. Just one day from ordering, and the buds are in my lap :) Bellissimo!

When i opened up the inner baggie, and stuck my finger inside to pull out the buds for a good whiff, i was surprised at how coated my finger tips were with powdery crystals! Beautiful, fine, dusty flavour bubbles everywhere! Mmmm. Of course, another pleasant surprise, was the smell. I've had pineapple chunk a fair few times, but never "express". The smell is very similar (obviously). Really sweet, almost citrusy, pineapple! A very hazey kind of smell, too :) Pretty much what most people want, when they smell a nice bag of weed! Top marks! Pungent and Fruity!

The appearance is wonderful. Bag appeal is certainly up there. Mid sized nugs. All a vibrant green with dark orange hairs, shot through the entire bud. Very dense and well grown. This was under good lighting! Perfectly trimmed. Perfectly cured. Sticky and yummy. Very impressive to look at! The crystals are unreal!

The taste of the weed isn't quite as sweet as its smells. It has a floral element to the taste that isn't obvious from the scent. It's still very sweet, a little peppery and hits the nasal cavity nicely when you inhale :) on the exhale the earthy notes are more prominent. A really nice tasting, well bodied smoke. Nice and thick in the mouth too. Smoke you could chew on! Nice clean burn. No side burning/dark ash. Really pleasant and smooth to smoke!

The high. I did a little reading into the strain, to find out that Pineapple Express leans towards Sativa, over Indica. And I would agree. As a morning smoke, it is buzzy. It definitely has some strength to it, too. Uplifting and energetic. I am contemplating todays tasks, rather than avoiding them! It's not always about the heavy indica! Especially when productivity needs to be UP! This strain will bring you up! Maybe you will feel a bit spacey, but you will get things done, *I think* :P A nice, floaty head high. Not something I normally chase, but I'm really enjoying it :D

As this is My first order with UK Connect, I want to thank the team. The fast delivery, good packaging and top quality bud, has been noted! I am very happy that i took a punt! I would definitely recommend UK Connect to others in the future, and will be visiting their page regularly, to hopefully grab up some more fantastic erb!

Overall Breakdown -

Delivery/Stealth - 9/10
Bud Size/Quality - 10/10 !! Really lovely weed! Well trimmed!
Taste/Smell - 8/10 - Could be fruitier, but still an 8.9 tbh!
High/Effect - 9/10 Beautiful hazey head high
UK Connect - 10/10 No Fuss, No Muss!

Thank you for taking the time to read My review. It was a pleasure to write one for a new (to Me) vendor! They have exceeded My expectations, and have gained themselves a new customer! I am very happy with the whole transaction. Dai iawn, Cariad :) I would like to reccomend UK Connect to you, for your herbal needs!

Thanks Biggaz! Have a Hazey Day <3