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Hashlover420- got some gelato sorbet and some tangelope dry soft eggs and they both blew me away. He is an amazing guy aswel. His customer service is 11/10. Delivery took 22 hours from payment.

Hashashin - blonde leb and soft black. Both very nice old school bits. Leb was lovely tasting and nice stone. Black was a lovely creamy taste with nice thick smoke, heavier hitting than the black. Stealth was incredible. Full tracking provided. Great seller.

Hashtaguk- awaiting my parcel. Half q of banana and a half q f jack. Will update when it arrives.

Drugs inc - bought flower from them. As described. Delivery took longer than expected but arrived. Stealth was standard. Not great comms. Decent seller.

Radar breeder. Bought flower. As described. Standard stealth. Fast delivery and great comms.

Urbanleaf co- bought popcorn bud from them. Great to see what they don’t use in regular orders as it was still top quality small buds. Fast delivery. Standard stealth. Will order some flower and update in time.

Northern organics. - flower and toffees. Flower was ok. Compressed but not vac packed just flattened and sealed. Was ok not great. Toffees were amazing however. Stealth sufficient. Delivery was quick. Comms ok.

Mkk2020 - bought shake. Described as leaf, popcorn buds and stem. Only got leaf and stem. Made sift hash and smoked the rest. Both got me stoned. Stealth was ok, delivery was fast and cooms were ok.

Hope this helps folks. Any questions Fire away and I’ll do my best to advise but not an expert here by any means.

Cheers. SSH