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Fans of RB's stardawg... Best batch yet is here!
Sorry biggas, lazy picture even by standards lmao but I've been ill as fuck lately and I'm currently stoned to bits so you get what you get :P Doesn't need to look pretty though because smoke wise this is the best batch yet! :D (mid September).

I buy this basically every month at least, was just going to leave this in the lastest batch topic below but wanted to do a shout out for the biggas who are into this because as I said smoke wise, best batch yet I think. Also smell wise! stunk my whole house and it's a right dank, dawgy, linger for days kind of smell :D

The bud you can barely see at the back there is hand size by the way, know it's hard to tell in the pics but that bastard refused to be jarred unbroken! Only ordered a Q as normal but RB always spoils me with nice chunky buds and there's always one monster in there.

If you haven't had the lastest batch yet biggas get in on it! Banging :)