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Where’s the reviews?
New products all the time, constant hype and promotion, then explaining why you need to be limiting postage to whenever you fancy.

If this isn’t a scam then you’re business model seems very strange to me, an abundance of rare and cheap products but no photos and a reluctance to efficiently deliver.

If it is a scam then it’s extremely elaborate but obvious really, and until people, not the early bait on the first page, start to receive packages then I shall be extremely dubious about your intentions.

Has anybody seen daryladams aka the buddy bros lately?

I actually hope you’re not dodgy but you’ve got too many red flags for me at the moment.

+100 sales is a lot at your prices, how many days escrow changes depending upon what % fees you pay from my understanding.

Either way, I think it’s going to interesting watching this unfold.
from  Surrogate