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hey buddy :) coming in a little hot there arent ya? ;)

we are guilty of all of the things in your first paragraph. no rebuttals.

we dont take photos at our packing facilities, we dont post photos on our page. all the photos we use are from our customers on here - what better photos could there be? as has been pointed out, and we have written on our profile, our first sales were as blame_canada_a (https://littlebiggy.org/viewSubject/p/4792447?anchor=wReWc6rL) we think our reviews were acceptable :)

we've also stated in canna420's thread below that the first batch shipped Sep 4th and we expect them to start landing any day. and it looks like they have :)

dont really know what the bud brothers have to do with us other than being some of the very first people to take a chance on us. have you asked the other people who like that if they are pleased they did? their usernames are in the photos :D

not sure what your point about sales is but if you clarify, happy to address it.

it will be interesting to watch but it will be waaaaaay more fun to take part buddy :)

we're big on conversations with our customers and potential customers. we're little on accusations without substance or research.

all love buddy :D