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sorry PetiteFleur, i didnt mean we'd upload a photo of the location. i meant meta data in files. we dont upload files. all the photos we use are hosted elsewhere and we just link to them. we have JR to edit photos for us once customers upload them.

The people who bought without images will have to tell you what made them purchase. but they have now so we aren't asking you or anyone else to take that chance. we're also not uploading photos of one thing and sending something else. we're literally showing you what other customers are receiving. to me that seems much better.

from day one, we have been accepting of skepticism. we understand to many of you we look too good to be true. we expected that. we also expect that very soon, you will all become fully fledged buddys :)

your right about strain info, we can do better with that.

but we are not looking for impulse buys. we are exchanging dozens of messages with almost every customer before, during and after their purchase(s). we have offered refunds for delayed packs and the 1 customer who requested one received it same day.

trust takes time. we know that. we're earning it every landing. all we ask is for a conversation rather than accusations of being scammers. we're always here :D