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Again....there are many many ways to encrypt pics. You are on the clearnet. Pics are probs not going to be what gets you busted. But i respect your choice. It just doesnt fill me (and im sure some others) with confidence, as has been previously mentioned by the OP.

Im not sure it falls into the "too good to be true" catergory lol. We realise its legal in Canada and profit margins are high online...it might be too good to be true, for you ;) hahaha. Who doesn't want to flog their wares at top dollar? ;)

I think the skeptical attitudes come from the fact the UK vendors provide high standards, with lessened risk, at lower quantities. YOU need to prove to us that its worth stepping out of the comfort zone. I've had some BTS reviews so I'm reserving all judgement until there is a mass that leans one way or the other :) not skeptical, but smart *taps hat* <3

There is no way to avoid accusations of being a scam, until you have a wall of reviews. That's just how it goes, sadly. I am not suggesting you are going to scam people!