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from our viewpoint, it is an unnecessary risk. we've been clear on it from the beginning. im not sure how we can win the confidence of anyone without some people taking a chance and it working out. we're cool with that. theres no hard sell here. buy if you want what we have, dont if you dont.

if you dont think our offers are too good to be true then great, they arent. if we can get them to you guys at a price that seems well received, im not sure what the problem is? $200 is top dollar for 28g?

we have nothing but love for the uk vendors on here, hell we're in half of their DMs right now ;) we arent selling what theyre selling. theres room for them and us. we arent doing smaller packs, we arent doing NDD, we arent even copy pasting from leafly ffs :D

as for a wall of reviews. soon we're going to have 2. do you think that will help ;)