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ok, we're not making progress here so this will be the last from us in reply to you BakedBean. No hard feelings but we cant do this all day.

are you suggesting we arent worried about security? we're shipping pounds of product internationally every week. who are the big losers if we get caught with dropping off 50packs? the 50 people who lose an oz and get on with their lives, or us who have to deal with it irl?

maybe you arent familiar with different business models. we didnt invent hype and limited supply. im not sure how that links to people being skeptical about selling shake? why cant we sell high quality flowers and the trim that comes from preparing them? can you explain the logic there please?

again, please point out any question asked to us, in this thread or anywhere else, that we havent given a straightforward answer to?

believe what ever you believe