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Haha. Im not being unfair, I'm making observations :P It was you who claimed your deals to be "too good to be true" XD

Come on now....we all know you wouldn't be going to the effort of selling online to the UK if A. You weren't making a fine profit, or B. You cant sell it locally. I think its a combo of the 2 since canadas legalisation. Not that its a problem! Its business! And you are right! You won't be for everyone, it just feels like you want to be, with the constant push of products.

As for the pics, mehh. Each to their own. But you are avoiding good advice. Pics make sales. By your theory, you are waiting 10 days (ish) for your consumers to upload pics...losing 10 days of traffic, generated by true advertising...and by that time, the items have been sold/removed. Again, each to their own....but people are visual and impulsive. You say you dont want impulse buyers...but they make up a lot of the traffic on LB. Repeat custom takes time, and usually comes from a gamble. I think the gamble you are asking people to take is large...but thats just my opinion. It really doesn't count for much, and i wouldnt have elaborated to quite this extent, if you hadnt asked :)

Seriously, wish you all the luck in the world :)