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ok, we dont think our deals are too good to be true. from our research on the site and average prices, we expected some people here would have suspicions. i think we can both agree that we were right on that? :)

we werent suggesting we dont make a profit. we were saying we arent charging top dollar. you can buy 3.5g for 100 bucks on here. that leaves a lot of room to go up even for our Diamond level strains. we dont want to do that though. in fact, because of the reaction of some people to our more expensive strains, we've stopped selling them for the time being.

all the advice/feedback is appreciated buddy. we're open to it all but we wont always follow it. the conversations being had here right now are not 'how do we get more traffic and sales'

repeat custom does take time, it would be a pretty foolish approach to take if the whole thing was a scam. we're here for the long term though so we've nearly got as much time as we do stock :D

thanks for the good luck bud. hope you find whatever your looking for here :)