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ok, it seems we cant say the right thing in this thread so maybe we should just stop after this but i'll respond to your points first :)

we dont care how many 3.5gs are sold for $100, it was an extreme example to show that your accusation that we are charging 'top dollar' is not correct.

we stopped selling Diamond strains because many people, including you, made assertions that we'd abandoned our promise of high quality flower at unbeatable prices and that we were only going to ship low quality products as Gold. we put our flower where our mouth is. if the scam is that Gold Level is actually shit, we'll get found out very soon. as for 'do we have faith in its grade' - do we need to answer that? its the best flower you'll ever get in the uk.

from my perspective, the conversation has been 'why dont you do this, its suspicious? why do you do that, it looks like a scam? why did you say that, i never said anything about price?'

"The conversation is very much "how do we get more sales" because an air of skepticism has been raised and now you have to reassure people to maintain traffic. What? Lol. Not by your own admission, but you have to face the adversity which will effecr sales, one way or the other?? My head is spinning on this one."

sorry but my head is spinning too trying to figure out what your point here is? that im lying when i say we arent talking about how to get more traffic and sales? not sure how i can prove otherwise so ok

at the risk of repeating myself, we are all for chatter. we've answered the same question about 6 times in this thread alone. we dont mind skepticism, we dont mind people saying they dont want to buy. we dont mind people voicing any opinions about the decisions we make or the way we do things.

this thread was started by someone we have never dealt with at all, not a message, a post reply and definitely not an order. its been the top thread on and off for over 12 hours and multiple people are drawing conclusions from half facts or things they dont really understand without asking for any explanation. maybe im a sensitive petite fleur but that doesnt feel the way an honest conversation happens.

as for our responses about photos. we dont take them, we wont take them, its written on our profile and has been from day one. whats baffling?