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Top dollar for your gear. Not for LB. Though, coming in and saying your prices are unbeatable, but the good shit is priced at $350 an Oz. ? It was strange.

Yeah but you have gone back on your word in a way, guys. You promised TOP quality at low prices...when, in fact, your top quality was some of the most expensive on the site?? Go figue! Of course it will be mentioned...and was.

Now you are assuming your weed is better than UK grown, and that is ambiguous. Where do you get that from? Be proud of your product, but try not to assume you're the dogs bollocks before we get 3 months of reviews out of ya ;)

If you werent after more sales, you wouldn't be dropping threads like hot cakes, and responding to every query, even if it was not made in your direction. It is healthy to pay an interest in your custom and what they want, but you change your business model every time you think someone wont make a purchase, because you are doing "XYZ" instead of what that individual might be looking for. I dunno...its just weird mate.

This thread was started by a potential customer, with concerns. You didnt really clear them up, but added more confusion. You chose to repeat yourself by answering every comment made. Users of LB often use the topics section to air concerns and chat things over with other users. And its not always becoming of the selllers to get so involved.

It baffles me that you have no want to put up a decent listing for your product. That's all i came to say FML