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'the good shit is priced at $350' - no. its all good shit. really good shit. the exceptional stuff is $350. a minute ago you said we should have left it up for people who want to buy it. now the fact that we offered something for those people is proof that we've abandoned our promise about great prices? but we also make too many changes based on feedback. i cant keep up. do you think we should or shouldnt sell Diamond Level strains?

we have a range of prices. our cheapest flower is the best value we've seen on LB. if we're wrong about then apologies to whoever has us beaten on price, and good job :D

Diamond ounces work out at $12.50 per gram, under $44 for 3.5g. sorry if you think we're answering too much but a lot of what youre saying is straight up wrong.

of course we are after sales. my point was we arent sitting down saying 'how can we get more sales quicker'. because as you and others have said, there are obvious things we could do if that was our priority.

our conversations are, how can we innovate more on this site. how can we can give the customers who have trusted a repayment on that trust. how long should we maintain the very public promotion of our products before toning it right down with a selected number of trusted customers. those are all more difficult and interesting questions than how do we get more sales/money.

our business model has not changed since day one - we provide high quality cannabis products at unbeatable prices.

this thread was started by someone who wanted to warn people off buying from us. we have had hundreds of exchanges with potential customers who have doubts. there were no questions the OP, just accusations based on very little knowledge on us and what we do.

people keep saying we arent being clear but no one has given a single example of a question we've been asked that we havent given a direct answer to. can you provide one please as you have made that claim a number of times now?

as for decent listings. we just disagree with you, we think our listings are great.