votes received
Just to note - my order has now been done and sent.

As I say MJC is bullet proof - I buy 310 quid worth of carts for me and my Mrs every two weeks (10 x 0.5) and I’ve had maybe 30 orders. Always on the money. Always trustworthy. I have no worry what so ever buying 300 quid worth with MJC.

So yeah, do remember this guy is the best in Lb IMO - few other do carts and fewer as good. Just look at the custom orders list lol

A busy vendor for good reason.

I will note I am in no way ‘on MJC books’ here - I am juts a regular punter who struck gold with LB and more so with MJC, in my view you are in good hands based on my experience over the last 15 months with MJC. no doubt he’ll help you too :)