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Legit and responsive vendor
Just wanted to post for my fellow biggaz.
As you know been here for a while and like to give new vendors a go if i can all be it with a bit of vetting first. Super Hans past my screening with ease after chatting for some time before the purchase. Was straight up with answers and quick to respond. Made a custom order and came through in style. NDD as requested , was on its way the next day and landed as such. Great stealth packaging. Product looks good, have sampled one so far and was very happy with the smoke at a near normal price which on LB is largely unheard of on LB these days.
Great work Super Hans on service and product, bringing some interesting genetics ive been after for a while, i wish you well here! Seems planted reviews / dirty tactics by competition have started already, a real shit show on here of late on this score and certainly doesnt fit with the market ethics! Just give people a chance and if your a vendor out to do harm to others rep, let your own product , pricing and service do the talking.
Further review to follow as soon as i get through all and have time.