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People who know the difference choose Rolex!
Great to see JJ bringing some great hash to us.

Firstly, if you have not ordered from JJ before, he's quick responsive friendly and helpful and your item is dispatched quickly and arrives next day - tracking number supplied and the service is tough to fault.

If you had a Rolex dry sift from a vendor on biggy called 'Gods Connect' - this is not the same. Much as I enjoyed The Gods Connect version (it was one of my favourite dry sifts), I actually prefer this hash and that's high praise indeed!

This Hash is a lovely soft texture, pliable and easy to crumble with just finger heat. It's not dry or hard, but wont leave smears on your fingers while you are working with it, and has a woody spicy aroma I associate with the best Maroc landrace strains.
The high is strong and clean, with strong indica effects as you might expect from a maroc style sift of this quality. Myself and my wife are blasted on 1gram, and that compares very favourably with the strong hashes I have a tendency to collect. You wont be disappointed by the potency here!
Maybe this is not the best for daytime social creativity, ( grab a sativa strain drysift for that), but for a mellow evening of feeling mighty fine on the sofa, this is real gem that is very relaxing. The kind of high which would be likely to help those with anxiety issues.

This is a superior bit of dry sift that is priced very competitively if you consider the included NDD.
JJ has suggested he may always have this in stock from now on, and if that's the case, then all biggy hash lovers should appreciate having this option.

I would seriously recommend this for the hash lovers - 10/10 Hash.