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Hello to my lovely Irish customers!
I know shipping to you takes a good amount of time. but is it really worth down points on my reviews that end up degrading my total rating?
I mean.. I do mention on my page several times that shipping to ireland is an average of 30 days. no false promises here.
Can't you guys think of the items you order from my shop like a flight you book about a month in advance? I'll be the first to admit that my service at the moment is not a next day or even this week one (although the fastest record is 3 days to britain but it's not so common) and not very suitable for those who are in need for hash instantly, especially not to Ireland.
I hope you could understand me and the fact that it's out my control. I ship with the fastest method available to me to your country.
I do my best to keep providing you with quality products and service, and appreciate the love I get from y'all. cheers!