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Smoggys Mimosa - chew on that flavour!
If you're looking for strong, distinct flavours then biggas this is what you want! The taste of this one stays seated in your mouth looong after the exhale. Very orangey but with just a hint of that old school sweaty skunkyness to it too and that's how it smells, oranges with a bit of skunky nastiness - it's lovely :)

Buds are in pristine condition, not squashed and not compressed at all, just nice dense buds full of colour that grind up nicely and smoke extra smooth.

The high is nice too, head high mostly but a balanced one that you can take through to the night if you want it wont leave you racey or wired it's an easy going high that you can use to be active or sit and do nothing! Strong but nothing too crazy - great for the daily toke!

I don't normally buy US import as I like our UK bud and the US stuff is usually overpriced but this is the same cost as most UK stuff which makes it cheap for something that's flown half the world! Very glad I gave it a go! after a few weeks of smoking nothing but dawgs I needed something nice and friendly to pick me up and this is definitely doing it!

Get stuck in if you want a tasty all-rounder biggas! stay high! :)