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Brilliant customer service - awesome carts
Hi guys - just wanted to give MJ a shoutout and a thank you.
One of my carts wasn’t working so contacted them and they sent me another flavour. Positive experience all round.

The carts are amazing! Just starting vaping and I’m a convert. Sooo stealthy. No weedy smell at all. Just like regular vaping.
I got 4 to try and here’s a quick review-

Bubblegum - tastes just Luke bubblegum, quite a strong head high and relaxing body effects

Biscotti - this fucked me up haha. I foolishly took a few puffs my first try. Very strong. But I’m a bit of a lightweight. Strong Indica. Slept like a baby

Tropical cookies - yum! Uplifting sativa. Smoked this and then walked the dogs and built myself a bonfire. Proper gave me energy.

Strawberry cheesecake - Not as strong as the others but found this nice to puff away and play PlayStation

I love when I discover strains that I can use in different situations and tropical cookies is one of these - a new favourite! I’m shocked by how much energy it gave me. Be good to have a few puffs before working out.