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Without a doubt, my favourite vendor of 2020.

The extracts have been exquisite. Especially the last few batches (NYCD and Hashbar OG getting standing ovations from me).

The carts are the only ones I've had that taste good and work reliably (and aren't priced up for fake Cali packaging). Not my thing personally, but they got my post-Covid brother in law off smoking completely; and that's priceless.

But it's the consistency I love the most (I'm talking about the badders, resins, shatters etc... that's what I'm usually after). Always clean, stable, potent, tasty and fairly priced. The only thing that changes is the strain. And having that variety ticking over, whilst reliably delivering that quality, is pretty much all I need.

If I didn't enjoy the occasional bit of flower or hash, MJC would be the only vendor I use here. Or in the UK. (It's still works out a bit cheaper from Canada though lol)