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About Bittylicious:

They don't know where you are sending the BTC, they just see an address, that disclaimer is just for legal purposes.

Anyway, I'm tired to explain that that extra step is pointless and money consuming.

When I said "stop spreading false info" I wasn't talking about Bittylicious, what you said it's true, but they will not ban for this, the most probably way to be banned from Bittylicious is by buying with a credit/debit card which does not have your name on it.

About buying more at once just to have them to later buy on LB, I don't consider it a good idea, BTC price fluctuates a lot, in March was 4k USD, now it's almost 19k USD.

You are buying today 100 USD worth of BTC (eg: you get 0.1 BTC) then tomorrow the BTC price goes down, now you are left with 0.1 BTC with 80 USD value.

LB shows the prices in USD and then concerts it to BTC, by doing so, if you want to buy a 100 USD product, you can't anymore, because you have only 80 USD worth of BTC, thus you have to buy more BTC to complete the transaction, which with the ytansaxtiln done yesterday leads you at 120 USD...