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Nebula Boost Decarboxylator
Hello everyone,
I have been on a quest for easy and accurate decarboxylating for quiet a while. I have tried the oven and wasn't impressed with the results.
I Have wanted an Ardent Nova or Ardent Lift for quiet a while but they are hard to get in the U.K.
Recently I have noticed the Nebula Boost Decarboxylator on Amazon which is a U.K model, available in the U.K and in stock, I bought one and WOW, shit just got real. This is the UK decarboxylating holy grail.
I have been using it the past weekend and I haven't been as fucked for ages, it's an amazing machine.
You don't have to alter any settings it's just press and go for the ultimate decarb.
The manual and many people online recommended a lower temperature which I tried at first and it was O.K but nothing like the default temperature. The default temperature is perfect.
Anyone finding it hard to get a Nova I recommend one of these bad boys, you won't regret it.