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ambition can get you a lot, if you don’t give up on your goals you become likely to reach them over time, and if the goal is big enough you can achieve big things just by trying so hard.

hillary clinton’s lifelong pursuit has destroyed gender barriers for all women and permanently altered americans’ perception of both leadership and family roles. the trail she leaves behind will help many more people than her actual work or almost anyone else’s for that matter. in the long run hillary will be loved for her ambition. however in the short run mrs clinton is dogged by the one thing ambition doesn’t get you.

of course this is the very thing her husband has in spades and that all of her opponents have had more of, every time, as well as everyone else for that matter. hillary remains an eternal supporting character because in the wake of her ambition anyone next to her looks cool.

in the 2016 primary hillary topped her supporting performances for bill, obama or even the chill secretary of state john kerry.

before mrs clinton’s heroic efforts bernie sanders was an old coot from vermont, the kind of crank you would only encounter in the context of a warning about axe murders that happened in a cabin you just rented. perhaps the 1970s killer really has become a supernatural threat now, but even then bernie’s only right about something really weird that effects very few people.

money, fame, even wardrobe help can be acquired with ambition but cool can’t. somehow hillary clinton has turned a 74 year old into the campus radical burning down the administration building with her looking on, longingly yet trapped, more like a student body president than a real one.