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the pain, pleasure of cannabis detox
if you think this post is about you it already is.

and if that last line made you back off from owning then i’m talking to you especially. the basis of addiction is denial just ask your friend’s of bill’s. and make sure you cut them off before you wind up at a meeting, we’ll have none of that here but it is time for you to take a break to clean up and maybe get a little perspective on your usage from an unstoned mind. then perhaps get really stoned and verify you results.

what we’re trying to do here is break the loop of needing to get stoned to maintain. being un-stoned needs to be something you enjoy too. and if you’re always stoned then being un-stoned can often be as novel and trippy as being stoned used to be.

in the beginning this all may take a little internal cajoling: think about how much more stoned you are going to be when your system clears out all the cannabanoid residue. like a clean bong, ahhhh. follow the regime below and you’ll prove this right away, it will be the only mantra you need to stay strong.

regulate intake, this is much easier to do with edibles, particularly thc caps and hash. your eating routine will have to be regulated around the edibles, they work faster on an empty stomach and are strongest if you eat less and exercise more - if this is beginning to sound like a cure all and the key to a long and healthy life then so be it.

when you badly want (need??) to smoke substitute w/ non thc compulsions like:
exercise, especially fun stuff rather than disciplined
listen to favorite music repeatedly
have sex/masterbate
watch a video
play a game

day 1 - jump into the baby pool
cut thc intake to 50% of starting point
use edibles for at least 1/2 of your intake

day 2
drink lots of water from now on
cut thc intake to 40% of starting point
use edibles for at least 2/3 of your intake

day 3
start ramping up the excecise
cut thc intake to 30% of starting point
use edibles for all of your intake going forward

day 4 - 6 - thc scrubbing
cut another small fraction off your thc intake each day, it feels like you’re winning because you are.
note the exercise resurfaces the old thc, increase it to “scrub the bong” into your bloodstream.

day 7 - warm turkey
no thc intake
distracting fun time

day 8 - party on!
indulge in 25% of original intake - this will be more than enough, i promise.

day 9 - you the boss
no thc intake
you know the drill now, exercise and entertain your way into feeling good

day 10 - 30
decrease thc dose, 15% of your original amount is easy to sustain
take every 3rd day off from thc

day 30+
take off consecutive days each week now that you are a healthy partaker in control of your own destiny. congratulations.
from  Wunsen