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Hard hashes are usually very old school and were usually pretty shoddy products, hard pressed slate and soap bars for instance. There are some dry-sift hashes today which are a little harder, but even they often break apart and crumble with just finger pressure.
Most hashes these days are a little softer, and many will break apart and crumble at finger temperature. This is usually a mark of quality, and its desirable as it makes it easy to work with and means you need no flame to work it. Oilier hashes are still usually soft and 'squidgy' and will leave residue on your fingers when you are working with it.

I can assure you that hash is a concentrate and does not break down, at least not in any kind of short time period. It has a very long shelve life and you could find some in a draw you forgot about years ago and still safely smoke it. I store lots of hash (I don't like to get below 3oz), and find it last as long as I need - I keep it in sealed light proof bags in a case in the fridge.

This stuff looks real tasty, and is on at a competitive price from a respected vendor here, and I'd suggest its a good pick. I will be jumping in as a soon as I get paid.
I'll share my thoughts and write a little review when I do, as that might help some.